War Protest in Hollywood
On Saturday, February 15, 2003 Helen and I decided to ride with our neighbor, Carol Dunne, to the Hollywood march against war on Iraq. We were amused and astounded at the plethora of agendas blairing from loud speakers and signage. I decided to record as much of the signage as I could until I ran out of room on my digital camera. There were 75,000 participants. –Scott Rubel

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27_gas_prices 28_teach_kids 29_cop 30_squad_cars 31_Bush_knew 32_got_peace 33_hands_off
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34_anti_war 35_last_trip 36_hope 37_Bush_Cheney 38_earth_flag 39_you_idiot 40_ghost
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41_ghosts 42_ghosts 43_ghosts 44_ghosts 45_oil 46_crowd 47_no_blood
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48_chicken 49_no_problem 50_crossroads 51_buck_fush 52_kids_peace 53_Bush_maché 54_we_can
55_empty_warhead 56_free_indian 57_liberty 58_crowd 59_from_above 60_nazi_bush 61_march
55_empty_warhead 56_free_Indian 57_Liberty 58_crowd 59_from_above 60_nazi_Bush 61_march
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