Dog Rescue Benefit at Mr. T's where the Peak Show and other local performers gave their all.

Robert Storts, Photographer, 11/2/01. All pictures taken on 100ASA black and white film and developed in sepia.
dog_resc_band.1 dog_resc_band.2 dog_resc_band.3 dog_resc_band.4 dog_resc_band.5 dog_resc_band.6 .
The Peak Show.1
Peak Show.2
Peak Show.3
Peak Show.5
Peak Show.4
Peak Show.6
dog_resc_band.7 dog_resc_band.8 dog_resc_band.9 dog_resc_band.10 dog_resc_band.11 dog_resc_band.12 dog_resc_band.13 .
Peak Show.7
dog_resc_band.14 dog_resc_band.15 dog_resc_band.16 dog_resc_don.1 dog_resc_locals.7 dog_resc_locals.3 .
Peak Show.14
New York

Carole Dunn, the organizer

. dog_resc_carrole.1 dog_resc_carrole.2 dog_resc_carrole.3 dog_resc_locals.10 dog_resc_locals.12 dog_resc_locals.2 dog_resc_locals.4 dog_resc_locals.5 dog_resc_locals.6 .
. dog_resc_locals.8 dog_resc_locals.9 dog_resc_theatre dog_resc_locals.1 dog_resc_barmaid.1 dog_resc_barmaid.2 dog_resc_twins.1 dog_resc_twins.2 dog_resc_graf .
. .
. Peak Show Collage .
A pdf version of the collage.

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